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Lock Change

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Have you ever stuck yourself outside of your home or office? You feel helpless and like you don’t know what to do next because of how frustrating it is. When this happens, we at Towergate Locksmiths know how important it is to stay safe. That’s why we’re committed to changing locks quickly and reliably.

Our professional team is here to help you if you’ve lost your keys, had your home broken into, or just want to make it safer. We have a lot of different ways to quickly and easily keep your stuff safe. To give you peace of mind, our methods of lock change services blends speed, dependability, and quality.

When you hire Towergate Locksmiths, you don’t just get a service; you get a security partner.

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Our Expertise In lock change services

When you need lock change services, Towergate Locksmiths has all the services you could want:

Upgrade the security of your business with our specialised commercial lock change services, ideal for business buildings like offices, shops, warehouses, or all other business facilities.

We can quickly and safely change the locks on your home, whether it's an emergency or a planned upgrade.

Your front door is your first line of defence. Through our house door lock change services and for your security and peace of mind, we make sure it has the best lock.

Our professional lock setups and windows lock change services will keep your windows safe, making your home safer and lowering the chance of a break-in.

Protect your garage and its things with our lock change services that are efficient and reliable. Our garage door lock change services can work with any type of garage door.

When you need us right away, our team is ready to make sure your property is safe.

With our smart lock installation services, you can get modern security that is both convenient and effective.

Our upkeep and repair services will help your locks last longer and make sure they work correctly and safely.

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Timely Service

We may be able to visit as soon as we receive your call. Or tell us a day and time that suits you best and we’ll arrange an appointment to match.

No Call-Out Fee!

We never charge a No Call-Out Fee to visit you, wherever you live in North Yorkshire. And there’s no fee if we have to make a second visit either.

No VAT To Pay!

As a smaller, independent locksmith, unlike a nationally firm, we don’t add VAT onto our prices. That can save you 20% on costs instantly.

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Lock Repairs

Expert Service – ​We Deliver The Security You Need To Protect Your Loved Ones And Belongings!

Lock Replacements

Your Business’ Safety Is Our Goal. 24/7 Local Commercial Locksmith. We Are Licenced, Bonded & Insured.

Burglary Repair Easingwold

Property Lockouts

 Our Highly Experienced Professional Locksmiths Are Trained To Handle All Types Of  Situations.


Sliding Patio Door Realignment

Expert Service – We Deliver The Services You Need To OverCome Your Problems !

uPVC Door Repairs Selby

uPVC Door Mechanism Fixes

Your Business’ Safety Is Our Goal. 24/7 Local Commercial Locksmith. We Are Licenced, Bonded & Insured.

Office Door Lock Upgrades

 Our Highly Experienced Professional Locksmiths Are Trained To Handle All Types Of  Situations.

How our locksmiths work?

Initial Consultation

Tell us what you need, and we’ll chat about it. If you need a simple lock change or complete security upgrade, we can tailor our services according to your needs.

Assessment and Pricing

Our experts will examine your property to determine the appropriate locks. A concise and full estimate ensures you comprehend all service details.

Expert Installation

Our skilled locksmiths will do the installation quickly and with as little trouble as possible to your daily life. To make sure of a good finish, we use the newest tools and methods.

Follow-up and Support

After installation, we’re still here for you. Once the service is over, our team is here to help with any further security needs and gives excellent maintenance tips.

Why Should I Pick Towergate?

Our locksmiths have a lot of knowledge, which means they can fix anything better than anyone else.

Our services are based on making sure you’re happy so we can tailor answers to your needs.

Our lock change services are highest quality, and our prices won’t break the bank.

We offer fast service, so your security will be back up and running right away.

For quick and easy lock changes and fixes, we use the newest technology.

Transparent and honest updates as the work goes on.

Service Features

Availability and Ease of Access

We know that lock issues can arise at any time, and prompt service is crucial. That’s why Towergate Locksmiths works hard to be reachable when you need us the most. We can respond quickly, and our customer service team is always ready to help.

We want to be there for you with quick, helpful service, whether you need a lock changed right away or on a regular basis. We care about your time and comfort, and we want the process of lock change to be as easy as possible for you.

New Ideas for Solutions

Staying ahead of the curve in lock technology is part of our ethos at Towergate Locksmiths. We have the latest lock technology, from high-tech locking systems to smart locks that work with home automation systems.

Because we’re always coming up with new ideas, you can be sure that the security systems we install will keep your property safe in the best way possible. You’re not just changing a lock when you work with Towergate Locksmiths; you’re upgrading your home or business to the next generation of security.

Service Quality Assurance

At Towergate Locksmiths, our commitment to quality is unwavering. Let us help you change your locks because we know that it’s more than just getting new hardware. It’s about making sure of your safety and security. The skilled locksmiths on our team only use the best locks and tools. To give you the best service, we follow strict industry standards and keep our methods up to date all the time. Because we guarantee quality, every lock installation is strong, dependable, and lasts a long time. You can count on us to protect your property with the utmost care and skill.

Flexibility in Service Options

Your needs are unique, and our services reflect that. We can change lock on house or any other premises in a lot of different ways to fit different needs and budgets. We’re here to help you with any kind of lock replacement, high-security upgrades, or smart lock installations. You can pick the service that works best for your home or business from the ones we offer. If you have a specific security problem, we can make a solution just for you using the proper knowledge and technology.


Our team of locksmiths has years of experience and expertise in providing lock change services. We are well-trained in handling various types of locks, ensuring that the job is done efficiently and correctly.

When you choose us, you can rely on us to provide reliable and trustworthy lock change services. We understand the importance of securityand we take every precaution to ensure that your locks are changed safely and securely.

We understand that lock issues can be urgent, that is why we offer a quick response time for our lock change services. Whether it’s an emergency or a scheduled appointment, you can count on us to be there when you need us.

We offer competitive pricing for our lock change services, ensuring that you get the best value for your money. We believe in transparent pricing, so you know exactly what you’re paying for without any hidden fees.


Lock Problems Solved!

For whatever task you need a reliable locksmith, we have the expertise and prices you are searching for. There’s no Call-Out Fee and unlike larger, national locksmiths in our area, we don’t need to charge VAT on top either!