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Meet The Lock That Burglars Hate

The Brisant Ultion Lock Lock, yes it really is called that, may have one of the dumbest names ever for a lock but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most inspired locks too. A beautiful handle and lock all-in-one unit, the Lock Lock can be bought in 2 versions, key or keyless – the keyless option being for doors that don’t require a lock on the outside. Why Is It So Good? It’s so good because within it are nine unique and patented methods of protection against forced entry. The curved design guards against it being gripped and torn whole from the door. It has a sacrificial spindle meaning the lever cannot be forced. An internal lock-block stops the spindle from turning upon being attacked and it can’t be pushed through or pulled out because an internal security washer and grub screws specifically prevent it. Secure, and Built To Last Lock Lock’s performance and durability meet the highest standard by measuring EN 1906 Grade 7. Inindependent, third-party ‘opening cycles’ testing, it was still opening and closing a door after being checked 200,000 times. To give that some context, that’s the equivalent of opening and closing a door 4 times a day for 136 years! Have You Seen The Video!? If you’ve read this far you should watch the video to go along with this endorsement and see for yourself how good this lock is. Because regardless of that very So So name, we can vouch that the Lock Lock most absolutely, definitely does provide Top Top security. If you’d like to know more about fitting the Lock Lock to protect your home, call Towergate Locksmiths on 07935 628828.