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How do you open a jammed lock on the door?

Several factors may cause a jammed lock. These include a jammed mechanism, broken keys, corrosion, and unbalance. The time it takes to fix a jam depends on the situation. With items in the house, it may take seconds. It is best to contact a professional or replace a lock. The lock on the door is jammed. You should do this after you have tried all the simple treatments and repairs. You can often fix blocked locks. But, the person must be patient, have the right tools, and be ready to do the work. A jammed door lock is something that you should be able to unlock.

First things. Before we try to open a stuck door, let’s look at why a door knob jams. Many factors can cause jammed door knobs. These include temperature, humidity, wear and tear, or a faulty lock or latch. The difficulties will disappear as the temperature continues to fluctuate. You may need to replace the doorknob on occasion. The actions to unlock a jammed door lock are as follows: 

How to unlock a jammed lock: 

There are several methods to open a jammed lock by yourself, including the following:

Using jiggle:

First, give it a jiggle. If the problem is simple and involves a small part, a slight jiggle of the doorknob might free the stuck area. But apply only a little pressure. Wait to move the handle too fast. Doing so may cause the doorknob to suffer more damage. 

Open the jammed door with a knife:

To release a stuck door, you may use a butter knife. Slide the butter knife into the narrow slit. Spin the handle until you hear the lock open or feel a click. Once the knife jams between the two, you may spin the handle. It is possible to open a stuck door by removing the door hinges. This may help prevent extra damage. This procedure may take time and effort. You also need specific equipment. Exercise extreme care while carrying out this task to avoid damage to the door or the frame. 

Make sure you check your key: 

To fix your blocked lock, check the keys. Check for any breaks or burrs to see if the key is broken. If your key breaks, also check the keyhole. Look for any pieces stuck in the lock. If this is the case, you can use a key extractor to cut any broken pieces that may be present. The key extractor will remove the broken key parts from the lock. See Towergate Locksmith Google review.

How to unlock a jammed lock:

Apply force to the door you are using.

The bent door lock requires force to align with the keyhole. Try applying pressure in different ways. You can push up, down, towards you, and away from you. When the door opens, push as hard as possible. Keep holding the door.

Apply lubricant to the lock:

You may use a grease-free lubricant, such as natural graphite. The oil will make the lock even more jammed after it dries. It would be suitable to sprinkle or push the substance into the keyhole a modest amount. When stuck in a spot, using the available oil or wiping the key with the edge of a graphite pencil is enough. When you have a door lock that is stuck, this will assist you in figuring out how to repair it.

Turn the key in the other direction:

Slide your fingers across the keys, then pivot to change direction. If you do this, you can get out of the jam. After you have found the way to turn the key to unlock it, you may still unjam the lock. Turn the key closer to the block. Using this approach, you will be able to learn how to open a lock that is stuck.


Numerous potential causes of a jammed lock include a jammed mechanism, broken keys, corrosion, and unbalance. To open a stuck door, follow these steps:


  • Jiggle the doorknob to release the stuck area.
  • Use a butter knife to open the door.
  • Remove the door hinges to prevent extra damage.
  • Check the key for breaks or burrs.
  • Apply force to align the door with the keyhole.
  • Apply lubricant to the lock, such as natural graphite.
  • Turn the key in the other direction to unlock the lock.


DIY jammed lock fixes might cause more harm or annoyance. Don’t be locked out of your security—and perhaps worse! Towergate Locksmith repairs blocked locks 24/7 with speed and reliability. Our trained locksmiths can fix any lock issue without harming your door.

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