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New Home? Add This To Your ‘To-Do List’.

Moving home or recently done so? Then this one’s for you.

Because for all the reasons in moving home, even if it’s not something most do regularly, there’s one thing you should always do when changing to a new property.

And can you guess what that is? That’s right, you should also change the locks.

Well, ok, fair enough not so much in a new build. And I concede there is more than one thing to do for any home move but this is a locksmith blog after all so we’re sticking to what we know.

But it should be obvious, you’ve spent Lord knows how much on your new home, or invested considerably in a new rented property and then what, do you just leave it to chance that you have all of the only keys to it?

No, that’s something you don’t want to risk. Even though in doing research for this article I found out that 58% of people who move into a new place don’t get around to changing their locks. Crazy right.

Because another titbit of research I unearthed, in an article by Martin Lewis no less, he stated according to one Home Insurance company that in the last ten years 12 million people had gone and lost their house keys, and at least 6 times. 12 million! 6 times!! – I do believe however that the good people of Yorkshire must be a lot more careful than that.

Nevertheless, the point is you don’t know what the previous occupants of your home did with their keys. How many keys were cut? Did a friend or tradesmen get one? Were they all returned? And if they were not Yorkshire bred and therefore losing house keys constantly?

All it takes is one unaccounted key to spoil everything. And it’s not just the risk to your home security it’s also that most home insurance companies only pay out a claim when there’s been forced entry into a property. So if someone did simply let themselves in with an old key, no forced entry means no insurance payout. No kidding.

You though will have lots of regret for not changing the locks when you know you should have. Don’t do that to yourself, we know for a fact it’s not worth it.

So to any new or prospective homeowners out there, congratulations. We hope you’re very happy there.

But be proud owners of new locks as well.

*This is where we can say to new home owners that if you do do the sensible thing, we have special rates when changing multiple locks. So call us, ask for details and we will ensure that your new home is exclusive only to you.