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Reviews – Were You Happy With Your Locksmith?


Oh to be a locksmith. Everyday is a bit different in this profession.

Because on any given day as a locksmith you never quite know what part of the job you’ll be doing, where you’ll be doing it or at what time you’ll be doing it.

Although the time that most jobs need to be done is best described as…now.

But no problem folks. Part of the job and all that.

As is the satisfaction once you have helped someone, especially if there has been a ‘now’ involved, and you’re told just how grateful they are for your work. Some even try to press another £5 in your hand as an extra thank you.

And of course that’s appreciated but truly the best thank you’s of all aren’t just those shared with us after a job, it’s those shared with everybody.

You got it, online reviews. The ‘thank you’s’ everybody sees.

Because even if someone is locked out, desperate for time and perhaps even the toilet, chances are they are still going to check out previous customer reviews first to assuage any doubt you are the one to call, even if it doesn’t help their rumbling stomach.

Then it’s not just us you are helping with a solid, your review may be helping someone else with one too. Too much? Ok, but you get the point.

And a positive review doesn’t solely convince customers you can be trusted, it persuades another important party that definitely take notice of reviews. Google.

And they are right to, because given all the competition who should Google promote up the search rankings, the business with a few good reviews or one they see with hundred’s.


So if you found us by virtue of a good review, and on Google we have over 300+ and counting, thank you so very much

But an extra big thank goes to the lovely people who provided those reviews in the first place. And those who did the same on Facebook, other social platforms and the various tradesman’s websites too.

Actually, we wonder how many reviews we might have if only we actually asked more. And yes, the irony of that statement given this blog post does not escape us.

But even when you’re not asked, if we, another locksmith, or any tradesman does a good job, please consider leaving a review anyway to tell everybody how happy you are with their service.

Because while it might take a little more effort than an extra £5 in the hand, that really is the fiver everybody appreciates.

You instantly become a 5 star customer to us as well.