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Reviews – Were You Happy With Your Locksmith?

  Oh to be a locksmith. Everyday is a bit different in this profession. Because on any given day as a locksmith you never quite know what part of the job you’ll be doing, where you’ll be doing it or at what time you’ll be doing it. Although the time that most jobs need to […]

New Home? Add This To Your ‘To-Do List’.

Moving home or recently done so? Then this one’s for you. Because for all the reasons in moving home, even if it’s not something most do regularly, there’s one thing you should always do when changing to a new property. And can you guess what that is? That’s right, you should also change the locks. […]

BS3621 – Are Your Locks Up To Standard?

  We all like standards in life don’t we. A certain standard of living, important personal standards and hopefully at least a minimum standard of hygiene from our co-workers or local Mcdonalds. But when it comes to locks there’s a standard everybody can aspire to. BS3621, or more fully, British Standards Institute BS3621. A standard […]

Some Ho Ho Ho for Your Christmas

  It’s Christmas!!!!! Yes it is, so being Christmas, and frankly me thinking I deserved an easy month of it, instead of the usual hard hitting article with some bad jokes included, this time I thought I know, ‘lets go directly to the bad jokes’. And folks, that’s exactly what you’re getting. Since I promise […]

Letterbox Burglary – Be Aware Of The Danger

Ah, the humble letterbox. You probably don’t think about it much, it’s just where your postie deposits your mail and anybody else dumps their junk mail. But be mindful, because as well as being a beacon for Domino’s Pizza leaflets, it might be a source of take out for a would-be burglar too. Yes folks, […]

Kids And Their First House Key – Keeping it Safe

Kids eh. They grow up so fast. First they’re crawling, then toddling, holding your hand into infant school and seemingly in no time, now they’re off to ‘big’ school. Then they really are growing up and it’s time for an always big parental decision, especially if you’re a busy working parent. At what age should […]

Emergency Services Day – 9th September

Emergency Locksmiths. That’s sometimes what we are called when people are locked out and in need of someone to come to their rescue. And it’s always nice to be a hero and save someone’s day. it really is. But truly, we are just doing our regular job, with minimal stress (at least for us) and […]

DIY vs Hiring a Locksmith. Things to Consider

Look, we get it, in these times where money is tight and you’re at a loose end for a few hours you might think it’s the perfect time to fit that new lock you’ve just bought yourself. We applaud that intent, you want to make your home safer. But, have you ever changed a lock […]