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Be Sensible Where You Leave a Spare Key

Ok, we know it may be tempting to have a backup key by your door in a ‘safe place’ that of course only you will ever know about. I mean, nobody is ever going to think of lifting that flowerpot that’s right by the door would they? But they do, all the time. Anybody who’s […]

What To Do If You Are Burgled

There’s not a lot worse than being burgled.  On top of the loss of your possessions, some perhaps irreplaceable, it’s the loss of your sense of security and peace of mind that can be overwhelming. But it happens and according to the Office of National Statistics the most common reactions after a burglary are anger (58%) annoyance […]

How To Choose A Good Locksmith, Not A Bad One

Last time we spoke of choosing a good locksmith and we thought we’d expand on that a bit. Because while scam locksmiths, or just plain bad ones, are thankfully not that plentiful you definitely don’t want it to be you falling victim to one. So apart from vetting their company website and customer reviews as […]

Locksmiths & Locks – What Everyone Should Know

So, you think you know what a locksmith does and how locks work? Well yes, you can take a good guess, it ain’t rocket science, but we thought we’d bring up a couple of popular assumptions that definitely need to be addressed. Actually, we might make this a recurring topic but this will get us […]

WD40 – Please, Please Don’t Use It On Your Locks

This is a public service announcement. Oh yes dear reader, and it’s about time too because someone has to finally stand tall and alert the fine people of Yorkshire – other counties are available, but perhaps not as good, to a very real danger within our borders. A scourge to door lock health, a menace to key […]

What To Do If You Lose a House Key

Right, you’ve lost your house key, what do you do next? Well, depending on the circumstances you’ll either know straight away and start cursing or you’ll go into denial/panic mode and start searching every bag, purse, pocket, sofa cushion, car seat, and anywhere else it might have slipped from/down/between/behind/under.  We all recognise that mode. And […]

Keep Your Home Secure in Winter

Burglars are nothing but an opportunistic lot and Winter, well to them, it’s like Christmas has come early. And it’s a festive period that lasts a few months. Because Winter is by far the worst time of year for burglaries to occur. People are still at work with the early dark nights and it’s dark […]

Common Signs of a Lock Problem

Having trouble locking your doors or perhaps getting them to open or shut properly? There are various reasons for that but to help identify any potential problem, we have listed the most common issues here and if you recognise anything affecting one of your locks we urge you not to ignore it. You don’t want […]

Meet The Lock That Burglars Hate

The Brisant Ultion Lock Lock, yes it really is called that, may have one of the dumbest names ever for a lock but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most inspired locks too. A beautiful handle and lock all-in-one unit, the Lock Lock can be bought in 2 versions, key or keyless […]