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Rekey vs. replace locks: How to Decide What’s Best for You

In most situations, rekeying a lock is more valuable than changing it. Changing the locks is usually expensive, giving you a new sense of security that everything is okay. Anytime you shift or lose your key, rekeying your lock will complete the job. Even so, if your lock system starts breaking down, you should consider a new lock. You can swap it out for a comparable model, and the keys will function identically. On the other hand, you can take advantage of what’s going on and change your locks to make them safer. We are discussing both ways to replace locks and change a key, and you can freely decide which is the most effective and proceed accordingly.Take a look at our reviews on google.

What Does It Mean to Rekey a Lock?

When you rekey a lock, you should change the lock part so the old key no longer works. This is also what lock replacement keys need to do. During rekeying, we remove the pins and springs from the lock chamber and replace them with new ones that function with a different key.

Rekeying a lock is common for individuals who need to monitor their keys to ensure that bad people can’t get in, generally after moving or losing a key. Essential control refers to a list of all the keys that can open a particular lock repair york. Giving keys to friends, family, or employees results in losing control.

The Benefits of Rekeying a Lock

Rekeying is, in every case, more financially savvy than a total lock replacement york. In most cases, the work process involves the expert replacing the old pins with new ones. The pins are not that costly, and rekeying takes much less time than replacing the entire lock, so this method is much cheaper.

Rekeying locks typically lubricate them. This makes them work better and more manageable when time passes.

If you don’t need a completely new lock, rekeying is a good option because it only temporarily takes the lock out of service. Because of this, rekeying is the best option for locks that only work with local door keys. The process is quick and easy, making you feel better about your home.

The main points are here:

  • Rekeying is quick and easy.
  • Rekeying is inexpensive.

What does it mean to replace a lock?

People may need to lock change york for various reasons, including updating an electronic lock. However, replacement locks are a better option if a lock breaks and requires rekeying.

With so many locks available, people remodeling or upgrading their homes may choose to swap out the lock for one that enhances the building design. Compulsory lock replacement is another common reason. Switch-handle locks, for example, are much easier to use than locks with handles. Hence, they are a popular choice for people with disabilities or those who are in discomfort.

The advantages of replacing a lock

Finding the right lock with the proper security is critical to ensuring that your home and its effects are well protected. One of the advantages of replacing a lock is that you can remake it to suit your preferences, from how it looks and feels to how much insurance it provides. Replacing your locks also allows you to redesign the security they provide, with the option to pick better-than-ever plans that are now available instead of simply rekeying and staying with the lock you currently have.

The main points are here:

  • Upgrading Your Defence
  • Enhanced Security
  • Compatibility with smart home systems

Is it cheaper to rekey or replace locks?

Rekeying is cheaper than changing a complete lock. You must pay for a whole new lock body when you replace a lock. However, when you rekey, you only pay for the pins and springs inside the lock.

Overall, before deciding, it’s best to look at all your options and the types of locks available. Consider the overall reason for changing the lock to determine which benefits are most significant to you.


Eventually, deciding between rekeying and replacing your locks depends on your unique necessities and needs. Consider the state of your current locks, your financial plan, and your ideal degree of safety to pursue an educated choice that protects your home and its effects. Make it a point to ask an expert locksmith at Towergate Locksmiths for additional direction and proposals. Experts at Towergate Locksmiths give you the best ideas and ways to deal with the situation.



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