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How To Choose A Good Locksmith, Not A Bad One

Last time we spoke of choosing a good locksmith and we thought we’d expand on that a bit.

Because while scam locksmiths, or just plain bad ones, are thankfully not that plentiful you definitely don’t want it to be you falling victim to one.

So apart from vetting their company website and customer reviews as we suggested previously, what else might indicate a potential scammer or bad locksmith.

A very low quote

Yes, everyone wants the best price for any job but a much lower price than others probably comes with a reason. Especially if they quote without even having seen the job yet. Why are they so keen for the work? Does a ‘too good to be true’ price signal that their intentions aren’t? Or is it indicative of their confidence and skills?

There’s only one way to find out but do you really want to risk a poor job at best and a security risk at worst?

For anything other than the most clear cut jobs, a good locksmith would rather visit to provide a realistic quote. They’ll guide you through the best solutions for the project and answer any questions you have too. They’ll also provide a guarantee of quality on their work.

This is what we do. We’ll visit you for a free, no obligation quotation and if you do give us the job all our work comes with an automatic 12 month parts and labour warranty.

Cash only jobs

Pay cash if you choose to but if your locksmith says you have to, that’s a danger sign right there. It’s not like any professional trader needs to lug around a big credit card terminal anymore.

But if there is a reasonable cause for cash only payment they should at least provide a receipt for the work. Without one you have no proof they were there at all or any recourse if the job is done poorly. A recognised locksmith will always provide a receipt after a job including a full breakdown of the work and their company details.

We certainly do, it also acts as our 12 month warranty. I think we’ve mentioned it already.

Don’t act in haste

If you’re locked out you might be less cautious about your choice of locksmith and scammers and less reputable firms know this. A quote that seemed acceptable on the phone suddenly goes sky high once they arrive.

So even in times of stress, still do take the time and make sure you’re confident about your choice of locksmith. Because an old adage springs to mind that’s true for any profession or trade but this is our blog so we’ll unashamedly adapt it to our own.

‘If you think a good locksmith is expensive, wait until you hire a bad one.’

Enough said.

(Ahem, for clarity’s sake, we’d just like to say that at Towergate, we are not expensive and you will find our prices very reasonable if you use us. And may we remind you…you also get a receipt.)

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