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New Home? Then Change Your Locks

Over half of people don’t change their locks when they move into a new property. The very idea of other keys to your home out there is a scary thought but it would seem many people don’t consider this potential danger. So why should you change your locks after moving into a new home?

Old Locks

If you have locks that are old and not completely secure you should change them just from a security standpoint. Faulty locks make it worryingly easier for burglars to gain entry to your home and protecting it, and your family, is an absolute priority.

Insurance Claims Rejected

If a spare key is left by the previous owner to someone who uses it to commit a theft in your new property, it might allow an insurance company to deny a claim. This is because not all policies cover things like willingly given keys as an incidence of a break-in. Check your insurance to see what is covered but always the safest thing to do is replace the external door locks in a new property.

Peace of Mind

Simply knowing your locks have been changed can give you peace of mind in a newly purchased home. It’s possible you could know the previous owners, but it’s certainly not often. And even if you did, you won’t know everyone they might have given a copy of the house key to. New external locks picked to your own personal security preferences (and you know exactly who has a key) will automatically provide peace of mind in your new property.

So, have you recently moved, or are about to, and want to change your locks? Call 07935 628828 for a great lock change service and there’s also a discount when we change multiple locks on a property.

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