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Burglary Repair York

Would Your Locks Deter a Burglar?

The right protection for your home against break-ins and burglaries is important. Because while according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), burglaries are declining year on year, the main reason for the reduction is the quality of locks that people are fitting to their doors has improved in recent years.

But if you haven’t upgraded locks recently you may still have the kind that doesn’t provide much protection against a savvy burglar.

We can help identify any potential problem by offering a free security survey on your doors and windows. And we can show you the difference in protection that the latest locks and gadgets offer. This service is completely free and you will probably be surprised at how reasonable it is to upgrade your doors with anti-snap, anti-drill and insurance-approved locks that can defy even the most determined burglar.

So whether you’re an existing homeowner, just moving into a new home, renting your property, or perhaps a landlord with new tenants, call 07935 628828 and book your FREE security check today.

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