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Sash Jammers – Why You Need Them For a uPVC Door

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Sash Jammer, cool name right, but do you know what a Sash Jammer is? Well, if your property has a uPVC door or window, we think you should.

As a physical item, a Sash Jammer is pretty simple. It’s a sturdy little lever fitted to the frame of a uPVC unit that lets you flip it over the edge of a door or window to stop it from being forced open.

But in the greater sense, Sash Jammers are a wonderfully practical and inexpensive means for you to make a big upgrade to your home security.

So, how inexpensive are they?

You can buy a 4 pack of Sash Jammers very reasonably if you shop around and fit them yourself if you feel confident enough. Of course, as you would expect, we would still advise a qualified locksmith do it for you. You’ll be boring a hole in the uPVC frame and you wouldn’t want to mess that up. That would definitely compromise your security.

And while any Sash Jammer, properly fitted obviously, will help improve home safety, it’s true as well that not all Sash Jammers are created equal. There are actually two types to choose from.

Internal and External

Internal ones are made to fit the inside of a uPVC frame and you have to be inside your property to operate. They still do a fine job it’s just an obvious limitation. But a better option for doors are lockable, external Sash Jammers. These go completely through a uPVC frame and you can turn them into place with a key from the outside as well. Admittedly a bit more expensive, the difference is this type offers forced entry protection once you’ve left the property too. Peace of mind if you’re locking up to go on holiday.

How many do you need?

As for how Sash Jammers are best for the job, it doesn’t take many. For a single door, 2 is good, one at the top and bottom, for patio and french doors we would recommend 4 in all, 2 fitted to each door, and for uPVC windows, just the one Sash Jammer will work nicely.

And it definitely will. Because really, as a cheap and quick security upgrade to any uPVC door or window, you just can’t beat Sash Jammers as a means of preventing forced entry home invasion. Especially on older uPVC doors that burglars know are easy to force snap a lock and gain entry once you know how. And believe us, they know how

And the upshot is…

While it might be necessary to replace even the best Sash Jammers after a few years of use, wear and tear and all that, we would say that is surely, and about Sash Jammers as a whole concept, a small price to pay for the extra home protection.

Like to know more even about Sash Jammers? Call Towergate on 07935 628828.

(Phew, done, we can stop saying Sash Jammers now)


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