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Be Sensible Where You Leave a Spare Key

Ok, we know it may be tempting to have a backup key by your door in a ‘safe place’ that of course only you will ever know about.

I mean, nobody is ever going to think of lifting that flowerpot that’s right by the door would they?

But they do, all the time. Anybody who’s willing to risk a burglary is not going to think twice about disturbing the shrubbery next to your door just in case you are silly enough to literally leave a key for them to break in.

And yes, silly it most definitely is but silly season seems to last all year with some folk – not you obviously dear reader. But on the off chance it might have crossed your mind to have a ‘just in case’ key by the door, let’s list where any burglar is always going to check.

Under a Rock – Is it boulder sized? Is Dwayne Johnson himself sitting on it? Then no, just no.

In a Flowerpot – Unless you’ve planted explosives in it, that’s a no too. For all sorts of reasons.

Top of a Doorframe – Is it rigged up like something from Home Alone? Again no, and I’m starting to fear the worst for you.

Under a Doormat – Oh my God, you are mad!

Basically, if you’ve seen them do it in the movies, don’t do it yourself. You don’t need the drama.

If you do worry about losing a key, locking yourself out, or the kids need one and you really have to leave it somewhere, the least you should do is hide it well away from the doorway. Find a place at the far end of the garden, in your garage, in your shed, bury it even.

You can even get little lockboxes with a combination to keep a spare key for a little extra security, but again find a place for it away from the entrance.

And thinking outside the box, there’s a market for fake rocks or ornaments to hide a key inside. But if there’s only one rock or ornament next to the door, don’t you think they’ll investigate? It’s a safe bet that burglars have the downtime to do the research and check what these hiders look like on Amazon too.

Oops, I hope I’m not giving them ideas now.

No, I just hope that someone visiting now might realise that their hidden key is a bit close to the door after all and place it somewhere that’s less obvious.

Because while it’s true a would-be intruder is not going to spend a long time lifting that, moving this, and checking under the other, they’re not that silly and unconscious to risk after all.

They will though spend a few minutes to see if you have been.





With our locksmith ‘hat’ on now, you can actually do away with spare keys altogether, hidden or otherwise. By installing a smart lock you simply punch in a code or open or lock a door via your phone. Another benefit is if a burglar sees one they assume it’s likely attached to an alarm system too, whether it is or not.

If you’d like to know more simply ask us to visit for a free consultation.


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