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DIY vs Hiring a Locksmith. Things to Consider

Look, we get it, in these times where money is tight and you’re at a loose end for a few hours you might think it’s the perfect time to fit that new lock you’ve just bought yourself.

We applaud that intent, you want to make your home safer. But, have you ever changed a lock before? 

Are you sure you’ll finish the job in a few hours? What if you don’t? Will that mean the door remaining unlocked overnight? Will you be able to sleep? Will you have to stand guard? Will someone open the door and you hit your neighbour who’s coming round to drop off that DVD he borrowed 10 years ago. What if you kill him? What if you go to jail? And what if your cellmate likes to cuddle and insists you call him Stephanie.

All these questions you have to ask yourself before fitting a new lock. 

Because lock fitting is not the straightforward job you might want it to be and if your lock isn’t fitted correctly there are real consequences. 

Your security really will be compromised, the very thing you wanted to improve. If someone does break in, it could be because you didn’t install the lock correctly and to top it off, if that was the cause of the burglary, your insurance company now has the right to invalidate your claim.

Then what about having the right tools for the job? Do you already own the thingamejig to make the hole in the door the correct size? Or the whatchamacallit to round/square off the hole that took you far longer than expected to cut because you’ve just discovered wood is really hard.

Folks, we ask these questions not out of self-interest but only to illustrate that fitting a lock isn’t an easy job for a novice. A locksmith will have the right tools, it won’t take them ages, it will be done properly, and before you DIY you’ve got to be certain you can fit that lock to the same standard.

And what about this, if it is a money thing how much do you know you’ll be saving if you don’t ask a locksmith for a quote first? If you are lucky enough to live near York, give Towergate a call, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our price. At least then you can make an informed decision about hiring a professional or doing it yourself. 

Because who knows, you might actually do a brilliant job of fitting that lock. 

But what’s the worst that can happen if you do call a locksmith?

And what’s the worst that can happen if you don’t?

BTW. Stephanie wants the bottom bunk.

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