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What To Do If You Lose a House Key

Right, you’ve lost your house key, what do you do next? Well, depending on the circumstances you’ll either know straight away and start cursing or you’ll go into denial/panic mode and start searching every bag, purse, pocket, sofa cushion, car seat, and anywhere else it might have slipped from/down/between/behind/under.  We all recognise that mode. And […]

Keep Your Home Secure in Winter

Burglars are nothing but an opportunistic lot and Winter, well to them, it’s like Christmas has come early. And it’s a festive period that lasts a few months. Because Winter is by far the worst time of year for burglaries to occur. People are still at work with the early dark nights and it’s dark […]

Common Signs of a Lock Problem

Having trouble locking your doors or perhaps getting them to open or shut properly? There are various reasons for that but to help identify any potential problem, we have listed the most common issues here and if you recognise anything affecting one of your locks we urge you not to ignore it. You don’t want […]

7 Tips For Home Security in Summer

It’s no surprise that burglars like to be busy during the summer months. They look out for the tell-tale signs of an empty home and with some people even posting on Facebook about a holiday, while on holiday, sometimes they don’t need to look too hard. Here at Towergate Locksmiths, we’ve put together some common […]