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Some Ho Ho Ho for Your Christmas


It’s Christmas!!!!!

Yes it is, so being Christmas, and frankly me thinking I deserved an easy month of it, instead of the usual hard hitting article with some bad jokes included, this time I thought I know, ‘lets go directly to the bad jokes’.

And folks, that’s exactly what you’re getting. Since I promise you after extensive research on the interweb the only locksmith and key related ‘jokes’ I could find are most definitely as bad as mine.

Actually I feel rather better about my own efforts now. Because while you don’t encounter many light hearted situations as a locksmith, trust me, you do need a sense of humour for this job.

Anyway, here are the best of a very bad bunch. Prepare to grimace.


Chewbacca locked the keys in the Millennium Falcon….
It was a Wookie mistake!

What kind of car does a locksmith drive?
A Kia.

Which kind of dinosaurs were the locksmiths of their day?

My neighbours went on holiday, and gave me a spare key so I could feed their dog.
I’m not sure though, I’ve never seen a dog eat a spare key before.

What kind of key does a ghost use?
A spoo-key

A locksmith had to go to court to give evidence.
Apparently he was the key witness.


Ok, I’ll stop it there, you’ve suffered enough. And I’m sorry, I really expected to find some better ones.

In fact, I even thought of one myself. And this really, really is all my very own, you won’t find it anywhere else. Well, at least until the next desperate blogger looking for half decent locksmith jokes steals it for themselves that is.


Knock knock.

Who’s there?

A locksmith.

A locksmith who?

A locksmith who should have got a call you weren’t locked out anymore.


Wait for it, wait for it…yeah, now you get it. Based on a real event too.

See, I told you locksmiths needed a sense of humour.






So there it is, Merry Christmas. From Towergate Locksmiths, thank you to all of our lovely customers, and readers, and a Happy New Year.